Manifolders MTW

Manifolder height adjustment                                             Manifolder side  adjustment

manifolders-height_adjustment                                         manifolders-side_adjustment

The flange knuckle has a bending range of 30° in each direction. The second knuckle can be adjusted up to 55 mm.
Header length 220 – 300 mm


Ø Price SEK Price SEK
Extra charge Smoke
Price SEK
Extra charge 3W
KK 1 22 mm 750 SEK + 55 SEK + 40 SEK
KK 2 25 mm 775 SEK + 55 SEK + 45 SEK
KK 3 28 mm 795 SEK + 55 SEK + 50 SEK

After the engine has been installed, please fix the knuckle header to the engine. Bend the header so that it has the exact position to be fitted to the silencer. If this is done, remove the header with caution and solder the knuckles using silver solder. You now have a perfect fitted header for your model and mounting position.